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By advocating for equal accessibility for people with hearing loss, and partnering with corporate to integrate innovative hearing assistive technology into public and private spaces, we’re helping remove communication barriers for everyone.

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The World Is Listening

Hearing loss is an emerging crisis. Reported cases of auditory hearing issues have been on the rise across the world for years. What used to be an accepted part of aging is now affecting people of all ages: adults, adolescents, and even young children.

Most of our public and private spaces are ill-equipped to support those with hearing loss. Retail locations, financial institutions, municipal buildings, seniors centres, transportation terminals, places of business and hospitals are just a few of the types of spaces where communication barriers exist and accessibility is limited for those dealing with hearing loss.

Through our network of trusted partners we’re raising awareness about the evolving crisis. We’re collaborating with progressive and innovative corporate leaders to remove communication barriers from public and private spaces. We’re working with municipal, provincial and federal governments to forward legislation to help make the world a more accessible place for all, regardless of hearing capability.

The world is listening, and we’re raising our voices for all to hear.


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Hearing Assistance Technology Group | Innovative Hearing Assistance Products to Remove Communication Barriers


We collaborate with our clients to deliver hearing solutions to make spaces more accessible.

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Through strong partnerships, we’re helping raise awareness for issues related to hearing loss.

Hearing Assistance Technology Group | Hearing Assistance Products for Venues & Spaces


Our products help remove communication barriers in many different types of spaces.

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | Hearing Assistance Technology for Different Applications


Our clients use hearing technology to make their facilities easier to use and more enjoyable.

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