Advocating for Those With Hearing Loss

It is our mission to raise awareness for issues faced by those with hearing loss, to remove communication barriers, and make the world accessible for all.

Helping to Remove Communication Barriers

Our mission is to help make municipal, retail, commercial, healthcare and all other types of public spaces accessible to those suffering from hearing loss.

Some of the ways we’re helping remove communication barriers:

  • Advocating & Lobbying – we’re working with our municipal, provincial, and federal governments to forward and pass legislation to remove communication barriers and make all spaces accessible to those with hearing loss.
  • Building Strong Partnerships – we’re not alone in this cause, as there are many amazing professionals and organizations that are as compassionate about this cause as we are. With the collaborative support of our partners, we can do more.
  • Innovative Hearing Assistive Technology – we offer a full line of hearing technology products that can be used to remove communication barriers in just about any space. Our design & implementation process ensures our solutions meet our client’s exact needs.
  • Growing Through Leadership – More corporate organizations are committing to helping make their spaces accessible to those suffering hearing loss. Their leadership in incorporating innovative hearing technology is a shining example of how businesses can remove communication barriers in their workspaces.
Hearing Assistive Technology Group | How We're Helping Remove Communication Barriers
Hearing Assistive Technology Group | Advocating for Those With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the fastest growing and pressing challenges we face today, and it’s no longer just affecting older adults.

Younger adults, adolescents and even young children are suffering from hearing loss like never before. As such, spaces that we never previously needed to consider must be reevaluated with mindfulness for removing communication barriers and making them accessible to people of all ages who might be suffering hearing loss.

The world is listening. It’s our time to have our voices heard.


Hearing Loss is an Emerging Issue That Affects Canadians of All Ages

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | Hearing Loss Affects About 60% of Canadians Aged 20 - 79

Overall, 60% of Canadians aged 19 to 79 have a hearing health problem: audiometrically measured hearing loss, tinnitus, or both.

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | There Are Many Health & Social Consequences Associated With Hearing Loss

Some common consequences of hearing loss include embarrassment, fatigue, anxiety, depression, distress, social isolation and participation restrictions.

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | 5% of the Global Population Experiences Disabling Hearing Loss

Currently, 5% of the world’s population require support to address a disabling level of hearing loss. By 2050, over 700 million people globally are expected to suffer disabling hearing loss.

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | 55% of Canadian Men Are Unaware They Have Hearing Loss

55% of Canadian men aged 40 – 79 years are unaware that they have audiometrically measured high-frequency hearing loss.

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