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Beyond their expertise and experience in the hearing assistive technology space, our team strongly believes in helping to remove communication barriers, making more spaces accessible, and making conversations easier for those with hearing loss.

Stephanie Brown – Managing Partner, Sales

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | Stephanie Brown

Stephanie is a technology professional with 25+ years of industry experience, primarily in the telecom space.

In 2020, she began exploring how technology can be leveraged to assist people with hearing loss. After learning how difficult it is for those who wear assistive listening to hear properly in public spaces, it became Stephanie’s passion to jump into action by helping this community hear clear and audible sound – directly to their ears. Her passion to help others has inspired her to dedicate her efforts in making a difference for the hard of hearing community.

Stephanie strives to provide clients with knowledge and information to implement solutions that provide suitable accommodations for those that struggle to hear in public spaces. This advocacy results in the impact made through each project completed; as the true joy comes from seeing firsthand how hearing clearly can positively impact and change daily life.

Stephanie lives in Halton Hills, Ontario with her family and three pets, and loves music, baseball and hiking.

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Marc Gagnon – Managing Partner, Technical Services

After spending more than 20 years in various leadership roles in the telecom and tech sector, Marc was looking for an opportunity to leverage his experience and make a true impact here in Canada.  Introduced to the world of assistive technology in 2020, he recognized how various people around him were struggling to be heard and how specific technology can remove barriers and build inclusive spaces.

Marc now leads HATGroup’s technology and implementation team, overseeing hearing accessibility projects that have a direct impact and make public spaces accessible and inclusive.  Marc lives in Niagara with his family and two dogs, and when he isn’t working can be found on the water, a trail, or playing some type of sport!

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