We’ve created the most up-to-date and accurate resources to help people understand the issue of hearing loss and the challenges that those who suffer from it face. Together we can remove communication barriers and create inclusive spaces.

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Helpful Information

The following links lead to other helpful resources to better understand the hearing loss crisis, the challenges that those with hearing loss face, and other organizations that are advocating for removing communication barriers and making inclusive and accessible spaces.

Case Studies

Read about how we’ve helped innovative organizations remove communication barriers in their public and private spaces to help make them accessible for those with hearing loss.

Hearing Assistive Technology Group | Hearing Assistance Technology Case Studies

Videos About Hearing Loss & Hearing Assistive Technology

theZoomer Hearing Loss – Part 1

theZoomer Hearing Loss – Part 2

What Is a Hearing Loop?

With & Without a Hearing Loop

The Power of Hearing Loops

What you don’t know about hearing aids

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