Taking the time to learn if your personal listening device (hearing aid/cochlear implant) has an active telecoil, also known as a t-coil, is an important conversation to explore with your hearing aid professional or Audiologist.

With accessibility enhancements being made across Canada, many businesses are installing hearing loops to support those who struggle to hear in public spaces. Canadian accessibility laws are being introduced to ensure that public venues provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Deploying hearing loops is one way that venues can comply with these laws.

Telecoils are designed to pick up the electromagnetic signals generated by hearing loop systems. By activating the t-coil in your hearing device, you can directly tap into the audio signal from the loop, which results in clearer and more focused sound quality compared to the ambient noise in the environment. This can significantly enhance your ability to understand speech and other audio content.

Hearing loops are being deployed in public spaces like service counters, theatres, churches, airports, and conference venues improving accessibility for individuals with hearing loss. Activating your t-coil allows you to take full advantage of these loop systems, making it easier to communicate and participate in various social and cultural activities while providing a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. Using the t-coil in your hearing device allows you to have a more private listening experience in situations where sound is broadcast through a hearing loop. Others without T-coil-enabled devices won’t be able to hear the audio, ensuring privacy.

We encourage you to activate your t-coil to ensure you benefit from the improved hearing experience that hearing loops provide! Please use the postcard referenced here to help guide this conversation and process with your hearing professional.

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